Posted: November 20, 2020

Discover the Beauty that Surrounds Us

I love the light and color of the Fall, but it’s been strange and sad not playing public performances, nor having live musicians in my studio for 8+ months. During these challenging times we have all had to adapt our lifestyles and our work to this new landscape. In the midst of it all, I strive to I remind myself the importance of looking both within myself and outside to our everyday surroundings to find inspiration, meaning and beauty.

I’ve been finding splendor and comfort in long walks around the glacial hills, winding paths and giant trees of Greenwood Cemetery, in occasional masked jam sessions in our backyard, getting fit in online cardio kickboxing classes, in time spent with family and in practicing piano just for its own sake (“Pictures at an Exhibition,” anyone?).


Creative connections with colleagues continue to nurture me too. I’ve had the privilege of engaging in some inspiring remote studio collaborations including: producing new recordings for rootsy singer/songwriter Dahlia Ross and Alaskan jazz pianist/composer Morgan Quick, tracking keyboards with house music legend Joe Clausell, mastering, re-balancing and restoration of live gig recordings for jazz singer Dennis Day, mixing for chanteuse Cynthia Scott and children’s band Here Comes Trouble (Jon Babu & Kelly Donahue), keyboard tracking and production for Guilherme Montiero/Nina Alves, and more.

In the midst of all this turbulence, I’ve been reflecting on how the title of my 2012 album Relentless Pursuit of the Beautiful seems more relevant to my life than ever. We each have to exert the energy to find, to create, to nurture, or simply just to see the beauty all around us. We will be rewarded by that effort by finding a precious moment of peace amidst life’s chaos and uncertainty.


Wash n’ Dry Studio is open for remote work only- but don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to discuss working together on a remote collaboration.  Let’s make something beautiful together.


images of BP and ESP & BP (c) Jenni Walkowiak 2020, header image by Bennett Paster