Posted: March 8, 2018

Studio Update 2017-18

2017 and early 2018 have continued to find me busy recording and producing great music at my studio Benny’s Wash n’ Dry.  Recent studio and recording project highlights have included:

  • I added 2 exceptional condenser microphones to my mic locker made by ADK: Z-Mod 67 and Z-Mod 251.  Special thanks to ADK founder Larry Villela for his help in finding the best choices for my studio.
  • Recording and mixing my original music with my Trio Brasiliero featuring Gregory Ryan and Alex Katz with a special guest appearance by the New York Horns (listen to that track here).
  • Work on a new original collaboration with Joe Clausell and Anthony Pinciotti that fuses my original instrumental funk and jazz with Joe and Anthony’s rhythmic and textural skills.  Sam Thomas guested on Oud on one track, so far!








  • Tracked new release by phenomenal young Haitian drummer Johnbern Thomas and his band; mixed by Ben Rubin
  • Work on a new full-length project by Canadian singer Melanie Gall that runs the gamut stylistically from jazz to rock to Americana & string band.  Working title: Songs I Like
  • Recorded vocals for Kat Gang’s new CD which was recently mixed and master by Dave Darlington
  • Mixed baritone Bremner Duthie’s latest release “Bremner Duthie Sings Kurt Weill vol 2”
  • Recording several library music projects with producer/drummer Ethan  Eubanks
  • Recorded James Shipp and Nadje Nordhuis duo and James Shipp solo projects
  • I’ve performed and co-written many tracks with legendary house DJ and producer Joe Clausell
  • I recorded and played keyboards for Jonathan Coulton’s latest recording Solid State, and his super-secret next release, with produced by the amazing Christian Cassan.
  • Singer/songwriter Michael Harren tracking string quartet, piano & voice for his suite about animal rights
  • Producer Brinsley Evans, Lisa Molina and I have co-written a song that we hope to place in a major motion picture… standby for more details
  • Co-writing with Hannah Gill and Brad Hammonds for Hannah’s upcoming album
  • Produced and arranged several songs for jazz Singer Dennis Day which we recorded at Sear Sound, in Manhattan, recorded and mixed by Chris Allen.
  • Keyboard tracks for artists including: Storm, Jim Satten, CeCe Gianotti, Rench, Sean Mc Morris, Horace Scott, Annette Genovese, Pete Miser,
  • Engineered projects for: Victor Lin & Ben Flocks, Nikki Denner, Carol Lipnik & John Kelly, Drew Paralic, Glenn Spivack, Paul Spencer, Jacob Joilff (Pat Ferguson), Myriam Phiro, Sheryl Bailey
Posted: December 2, 2017

Mercury and the Architects – concept album and puzzle website.

One of the best parts about my work is contributing to other people’s original music projects.  They run the stylistic gamut from rock & pop to Latin & jazz to Americana, Blues or roots and beyond, and I love following an artist and a song to try to help them fully realize their potential using my diverse palette of musical experience.  But, every now and then I get the chance to work with someone who’s vision is so different than mine, but is so strong and irrefutable: TJ Mercury is a young songwriter, singer, rapper, visual artist and conceptualist.

Producer (and Grammy-winning Mastering Engineer) Mark Christensen discovered TJ and invited me to work on the album, called “The Ghost that Haunts My Castle” from the ground level of pre-production.  We continued work on tracking the project at Engine Room Audio in NYC, and did extensive synth and string overdubs too.  The basic tracks feature legendary NYC session drummer Shawn Pelton (SNL), guitarist Ben Butler (George Michael), bassist Oscar Convers and TJ’s sister, singer and creative partner Chelsea Rae with additional contributions by his regular working band.  The result is a broad-based concept album about love, politics and the travels of the modern world that’s rooted in classic rock and modern rap with psychedelic, neoclassical and piano-rock and modern pop influences too.  TJ just kept wanting to add more and more layers to this recording, and somehow Mark Christensen and his mixing team (Greg Pizzulo and Darren Fewins) reconciled the layers into a deep, broad modern concept album.

TJ is a talented visual artist, too.  And, when I browsed over to his website, I discovered that it was rich with graphic imagery and, much to my surprise, a “maze” with ciphers and visual puzzles for visitors to enter and solve.  All things told, he’s a very creative young artist with the chutzpah to follow through on his vision.  Check out his site, his music (streaming on iTunes and Spotify and Soundcloud) and as TJ writes: “Crack the code. Take off your TV head. Become an Architect.”  Highly recommended!

Posted: September 10, 2017

Jonathan Coulton’s “Solid State”

You may be familiar with singer/songwriter Jonathan Coulton (aka JoCo) as the house musician on the NPR game show “Ask Me Another” (recorded live at Brooklyn’s Bell House), or perhaps you heard his “Thing a Week” podcast where he recorded, produced and posted  song every week for a year.  If so, then you know he’s a pithy songwriter with a knack for writing catchy, sardonic, modern pop songs about literally anything!  I’ve been recording keyboard tracks for Jonathan and his producer Christian Cassan for many years now, including music for the TV show A Crime to Remember,” but they recently released JoCo’s strongest original recording yet, Solid State.  I’m proud to have contributed some piano and keyboard tracks to this epic concept album that is available as an impressive LP package including full-color graphic novel and digital download encoded on a mock-science lab ID card with USB flash drive built in.  The album peaked at #8 on the Billboard Indie Album charts, and I’ve enjoyed listening to it quite a bit.  Here’s an article about JoCo from the Huffington Post with more info.  Check out Solid State wherever you stream or purchase music, know what I mean?

Posted: June 1, 2016

Ditmas Park Corner Interview

I’m excited to announce that the popular local blog Ditmas Park Corner just posted an interview of me by author Chris Farrell.  We discuss life as musician and studio owner at the intersection of Kensington, Windsor Terrace and Ditmas Park, and he asks some interesting questions about my piano and keyboard collection.  You can check it out the original post here.  Due to space constraints, DPC cut almost half of the content.

Chris has graciously offered to make the entire article available to me-
if you’d like to read the un-abridged version, the complete text is here.

Posted: June 1, 2016

What’s New? (And haven’t I read about it here?)

Goodness gracious, I realize it’s been almost 2 years since I last posted any news entries on this website.  I’m so sorry!  I’ve been so busy gigging, working in the studio and enjoying my family that I’ve been seriously remiss in posting anything new here.  I promise to be better about it- there’s a lot to share.  And my gigs page is current.  In the meantime, here’s a super short synopsis of what I’m up to.

Gigs- My Friday evening trio residency continues in earnest at Hillstone.  I have the privilege of playing with a hand-picked selection of the best rhythm section players in NYC and beyond. Join us for a drink, some spinach dip, steak or sushi, or just chill and listen as we play original music, jazz and standards, Stevie and Beatles tunes and more at the Ranch.

Bill, Still! Celebrates the Music of Bill Withers- we’re at Bar Lunatico every other Thursday in June, plus we’ve been playing the Bitter End and Rockwood Music Hall.

Halcyon Jukebox takes you on a trip back in time to the glory days of 70’s AM and 80’s Soft-Rock radio.  Some of NYC’s most fearless improvisers will balance reverence and exploration on a playlist of deliciously cheesy hits form yesteryear.

During the summer I’m often busy with The Loyales, a party band I play with that NY Magazine called “A living, breathing jukebox, full of expertly curated 45s.”  Our playlist includes classic soul, Stax and Motown, classic country and bluegrass, vintage reggae and some choice 80’s favorites.  We rarely showcase in public- mostly we play hipster weddings and swanky corporate parties.  (Getting married??)

Studio- My studio, Benny’s Wash & Dry has been buzzing with activity lately… I’m always up to something creative and funky down here.  We do live ensemble recording for jazz, singer-songwriters, rock, roots and beyond.  Plus we do a lot of commercial and educational work.  Check out the studio site for more details. Recent artists have included Joe Clausell, Rench, Lisa Parrott, Paul Beaudry & Dennis Day, John Thomas, Laurell Eden, Sal Cosentino, Melanie Gall, Yuma Sung, Cory Cullinan and more!

Recent gear improvements include microphones by Schoeps, SAMAR and Lawson, and preamps by John Hardy and Vintech.

Upcoming Travel- From June 15-26 I’m off to Israel for a tour with singer-songwriter KJ Denhert.  We worked together regularly in the mid 2000’s and I’m excited to reunite with her for my first trip to Middle East since 1984.

This July and August I return for my 30-somthingth summer at the Stanford Jazz Workshop.  I’ll be teaching and playing shows there, including a Steveie Wonder tribute featuring vocalist Claytoven Richardson on Wed, July 27th.

OK- I promise to write more soon.  Thanks for visiting  Don’t hesitate to contact me for more info about anything I do.


Posted: May 1, 2016

Bill, Still! plays Bill Withers Thu 6/2, 16 and 30 at Bar Lunatico

Bill Still flyer 4

June 2, 16 & 30, 8:30-11pm
Bar Lunatico
486 Halsey Street, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Everybody loves Bill Withers. But if you’re like me, there are some “deep-cut” BW songs you might not know. And, with his notoriously low profile in the scene, he hasn’t performed live in decades. Bill, Still! seeks to present Withers’ music in a modern, straightforward context that let’s the man’s songs and classic arrangements shine without unnecessary adornment. Put simply, we’ve assembled a list of Bill’s hits and some lesser-known gems and a group of NYC’s funkiest cats are going to deliver simply and straight to your soul, with deep reverence and love.

Irving Louis Lattin (vocals/guitar), Al Street (guitar), BP (keys 6/2, 30), John Deley (keys 6/16), Andy Hess (bass), Ethan Eubanks (drums/MD)


Posted: August 18, 2014

Stanford Jazz Workshop 2014

This summer I celebrated my 30th year of involvement with the Stanford Jazz Workshop at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA.  I started as a student at the Workshop in 1984 and I’ve only missed two summers along the way – now I’m a senior faculty member.  This year I taught ensembles, masterclasses, musicianship and more, and played a handful of fun concerts and sessions.  Thanks to my fellow faculty, as well as the staff and students for the inspiration, the camaraderie and all the great music and conversation.

BP Taylor SJW 2014-5

Longtime Workshop friend (and astounding pianist/composer) Taylor Eigsti and I co-led a concert at this year’s Stanford Jazz Festival.  We played together and apart with a band of SJW friends old and new that included Ben Flocks, David Hart and Steven Lugerner in the frontline, Josh Thurston Milgrom, Steve Rossi and Tupac Mantilla in the rhythm section.  We each selected a few songs that we’d learned at and/or associated with the Workshop in past years and added a few new and old original tunes of our own.  The result was a diverse program of entertaining music for ensemble sizes from classic piano trio to 2 pianos plus percussion to full-blown septet blowout!

Saxophonist and composer Yosvany Terry Cabrera, who I first met at SJW his very fist summer in the USA was back at the Workshop and we got an opportunity to play some of our original music at a noon concert that featured one of my all-time favorite drummers Peter Erskine along with Dana Leong, Dayna Stephens and David Wong.  What a band- we had a blast!  In addition to his sweet tenor sax, Dayna busted out his EWI (electronic wind instrument) for some silky, syrupy synth lines while Dana whistled(!) in addition to playing his trombone.  Good times were had by all!

Other notable highlights (there are way too many to list them all) included:

Student ensembles full of bright young musicians, many of whom I expect to see in NYC and on the scene in the years to come.

Memorable concerts by and hangs with: Fred Hersch, George Cables, Richard Sears, Jeb Patton Trio, Dena DeRose, Fly, Jack DeJohnette and a special appearance by Chick Corea.

Me and Peter Erskine

Me and Peter Erskine

BP Taylor SJW 2014-1

Posted: July 8, 2014

Studio Update: Spring-Summer 2014

Spring and Summer 2014 have been full of interesting and diverse projects at Benny’s Wash n’ Dry.  Recent studio and recording project highlights have included:

  • Composer/guitarist John Cabàn recording keyboards, strings and sax for the soundtrack to indie-documentary “Drill Baby, Drill”
  • Italian saxophonist Biaggio Copa: new CD with Rob Garcia and Arùan Ortiz
  • KJ Denhert recorded 3 new 2014 summer singles with me on piano, plus Jim Whitney and Joe Strasser
  • Tracking for Dane Terry’s new disc with producer Matt Katz
  • Singer/songwriter Michael Harren tracking strings, piano and oboe
  • Work on a 25-song French educational project with singer/songwriter Vincent Lebrun
  • Jazz singer Kim Cameron’s new CD, produced by Paul Beaudry
  • Piano tracks for 2 new Fringe Festival shows by singer Melanie Gall
  • Keyboards for legendary remixer/producer/DJ Joe Clausell
  • Keyboards for Lipbone Redding’s new CD with producer Jeff Eyrich
  • Piano tracks for Music & The Brain, a piano education program for public schools
Posted: March 26, 2014

Studio and Artist Website Redesign

I’m excited to announce that my personal artist website,, and the Benny’s Wash n’ Dry Studio site,, have been totally re-designed, updated and integrated.  It’s now easier then ever before to get complete information about my original music and projects and also about my recording studio and production services all in one place.  My artist site features promo info, press, photos and streaming audio from all of my recordings, as well as some rare and unreleased recordings.  The studio site has a complete gear and services lists, audio samples of projects we’ve recorded and keyboard tracks I’ve played as a sideman, plus client testimonials and more.  Web Guru (and swinging pianist) Matthew Fries, from Equal Temperament Solutions, designed and programmed the WordPress template based on original design elements by Tom Beckham (designer and vibraphone master).  Have a look and let me know what you think!

Posted: February 3, 2014

Relentless Pursuit of the Beautiful


My Latest CD

I’m delighted and proud to announce the release of my new CD Relentless Pursuit of the Beautiful.  The disc is a broad-based modern jazz recording showcasing my latest compositions and arrangements for jazz quintet and sextet.  Recorded one sweltering July day after a series of performances, the album vividly captures snapshots in our development.  The band effortlessly integrates swing with Latin and Brazilian rhythms to forge a contemporary, accessible style.  Our group interplay and unwavering melodicism render a rich, eminently listenable music that will draw you in and bring you along on our journey.

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